Bubble Tubes are one of the most popular items in any multi-sensory environment, also one of the most problematic and time consuming for staff to maintain. With the regular draining/cleaning and refilling it soon becomes a chore and one which is easily forgotten.

We drain and thoroughly clean the tube, removing all dirt and algae, service and check the air pump and pipes, inspect electrical items (including non-return valve and connections) and clean and refurbish colour wheel.


Waterbed conditioner is a method of stabilizing the water within your waterbed, so there is no risk of bacterial or algae growth. It also helps to maintain the level of plasticizer* in the vinyl.
With regular care your waterbed will last for years. Most manufacturers recommend that regular top up of conditioner every 6 months.

*Plasticizer controls the suppleness of the vinyl mattress.


Your water heater works for an average of 8736 hours per year.
When was yours last checked or replaced?


Projected images can theme your sensory room or provide abstract effects to calm and sooth. To maintain efficiency, projectors need to be stripped down and cleaned internally, all accessories checked and cleaned.


Fibre Optics are a great product for the multi-sensory environment, as the fibre harness does not carry heat or electricity and are safe to handle. To keep it working as it should we will untangle, clean and soak with professional cleaner, check and repair split and frayed ends.


Strip down and thoroughly clean all internal parts, and check colour wheels for discolouration or warping.

Switching Systems and all other Electrical items

Strip down where possible and carry out a safety inspection, before checking, cleaning and servicing.



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